How to deactivate coronavirus caller tune when you make a call.

Coronavirus Caller Tune: The Health Minister had asked the Department of Telecommunications to order all the major telecom companies to add a 30-second COVID-19 prevention caller tune to their networks. According to the Health Ministry, BSNL, MTNL Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea all added the caller tune to their combined network of 117.2 crore users.

What is Coronaviorua Caller Tune?

Coronavirus caller tune is an awareness message to the people of India. At the start of the caller tune, the caller of hears a short coughing sound which is then followed by instructions related to information on how to avoid the spread of coronavirus. All telcos have temporarily disabled their normal caller tune in order from the message to reach more people.

On of this awareness, drives are the pre-call announcement as a 30-second caller delivered by the telecom operators Jio, Airtel, BSNL, and Vodafone.

The sound and this disclaimer are quite irritating for some people, who have taken to Twitter, complaining about the same. Here’s how you can stop the disclaimer from playing.

How to Stop or Remove———————————————-

On Android, after the call is connected you can simply press any number by bringing up the dialer to stop the message from playing. After you press a number, the message will stop and the call would ring as normal.

On iOS, you will have to bring up the dialer and press the hash (#) button to make it stop. The message will not stop on pressing any number like on Android smartphones.

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But using this trick you can stop the message from playing. However, it will complement not to stop and play the next time you can make a call. To make it completely stop you can think to make calls over Whatsapp, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger or more. All of which do not play the message at the beginning of a call.

Note: Working in Airtel & Vodafone Idea networks. In Reliance Jio & BSNL Corona Callertune continuous till receipts pick up the call.

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