Jio Fiber Data Vouchers starting Price is 101, Offer will be 2TB extra data: Check full details

 Reliance Jio has introduced new data vouchers for its broadband Jio Fiber Customers, starting at Rs 101. Jio Fibers’ new data vouchers can be found on plan Jio,s website and My Jio Apps, however, customers must log in to view these new plans. Data from 20GB to 200GB or 2TB are available in these plans. Let’s know about it in detail. The data vouchers are available starting from Rs 101 to Rs 4001.

The validity of these data vouchers will be equal to the Jio Fiber Plan validity of the existing plan of the customer. The operator is offering a total of six Data Vouchers to the paid Jio Fiber users. The six vouchers include Rs 101, Rs 251, Rs 501, Rs 1,001, Rs 2001 and Rs 4,001.

The Rs 101 Data Vouchers offer 20GB data benefit, Rs 251 voucher offers 55GB data, and the Rs 501 voucher ships will 125GB data benefit. The Rs 1,001 Jio Fiber data vouchers offer 275GB data, Rs 2001 comes with 650GB. The most expensive Rs 4001 data vouchers give 2TB additional data.



Data Voucher (RS )DATA Benefit
10120 GB
25155 GB
501125 GB
1001275 GB
2001650 GB
40012000 GB



According to Telecomtalinfo, these data vouchers don,t help extend the validity of the existing plan or offer data roll-over like other broadband players such as Spectra and You Broadband offer. The Website notes that the validity of these vouchers will be equivalent to the Jio Fiber Plan subscriber by a user. Jio Fiber users can get these vouchers through My Jio Application o or the Company website after logging in with their Jio Fiber account.

Need to know all about Jio Fiber Plans-


JioFiber Plan NamePriceSpeedData
BronzeRs 699100Mbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )
SilverRs 849100Mbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )
GoldRs 1249250Mbps ( Post FUP
DiamondRs 2,499500Mbps ( Post FUP
1Mbps )
PlatinumRs 3,9991Gbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )
Titanium8,4991Gbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )



Jio Forever Bronze annual plan: The Bronze annual plan is prices RS 8,388 and offers 1200 GB and 100 MBPS. The customer would get a free Bluetooth speaker, Jio Home Gateway and a 4K set-up-box with the pack.


Jio Forever Silver annual plan: The Silver Annual Plan is priced at Rs 10188 and offers 2400GB at 100Mps.Customers could get a free Bluetooth speaker, Jio Home Gateway and a 4K set-top box with the pack.

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Jio Forever Gold annual plan: The Gold Annual plan is priced at Rs 31,176 for two years. Users have to avail the plans for the two-year period. Users will get 12,000GB at 250Mbps. Customers would get a 24-inch TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.


Jio Forever Diamond annual plan: The Diamond Annual plan is priced at Rs 29,988 and offers 15,000GB at 500Mbps. Customers would get a 24-inch TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.


Jio Forever Platinum annual plan: The Platinum Annual plan is priced at Rs 47,988 and offers 30,000GB at 1Gbps. Customers would get a 32-inch 4K TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top-box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.


Jio Forever Titanium annual plan: The Titanium Annual plan is priced at Rs 1,01988 and offers 60,000GB at 1Gbps. Customers would get a 32-inch 4K TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top-box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.


Jio Fiber Voucher. Some frequently asked questions related to Jio Fiber.

Are Netflix and Amazon Prime included in OTT content from JioFiber STB?

The company hasn’t revealed whether Netflix and Amazon Prime will be part of the “OTT Content” being mentioned in the JioFiber service.


Is there an installation charge for the JioFiber connection?

Yes, you have to pay a one-time installation charge of Rs 2,500, out of which Rs 1,500 will be a refundable security deposit for the Jio router while the remaining Rs 1,00 will be non-refundable.

What about the validity of the Jio Preview Offer?

Existing Jio Preview offer users would be intimated about the migration to paid plans as the commercial rollout is in progress. They will be individually notified and until then, they can continue using the current plan.

However, when they move to the new plan, they will be charged a refundable security deposit of either Rs, 4,500 or 2,500 based on the router issued to them.


What if I have consumed my monthly Jio Fiber data Plan? Will the speed be reduced.

Jio FIber base plan starts at 100Mbps speed for Rs 700. Currently, under the Preview Offer, users are provided with 100GB of data at 100Mbps. Upon consumption of the monthly quota, users can recharge their Jio FIber Data plan with a booster pack that offers 40GB additional data.


Can I recharge my monthly Jio Fiber data plan twice a month?

Beta testing can recharge their Jio FIber monthly data plan only once. After the 100GB quota is exhausted, these beta users can recharge their connection with a 40GB booster pack that can be recharged multiple times, depending upon consumption.

I am a Jio Fiber preview user. Will I have to set up a new connection after the commercial rollout?

No. Existing Jio Fiber preview customers do need to request a new broadband connection.

Do existing Jio Fiber preview users need to pay the deposit again?

Existing Jio Fiber users asked to pay Rs 4,500 as a security deposit while setting up the connection. These existing users do not need to pay any kind of deposit again. Users would only need to pay additional data plan charges starting September 5.

Where can I choose my Jio Fiber connection or recharge my data plan?

Customers can recharge their Jio FIber connection on the JIo Fiber website or the MyJio App.


Will Jio provide a router as part of the package?

Customers are required to pay an upfront amount if Rs 2,500 as a security deposit for Jio. The package would only include the router. users need to pay additional for a data plan as required.


Will I be able to use Wi-FI with Jio FIber?

Yes, Jio Fiber’s router supports Wi-Fi.


Will calling be free on Jio Fiber landline?

Yes. At the RIL AGM, Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani revealed that customers would only pay for the data, and calling would be completely free from home to any Indian mobile or fixed-line operator. For international voice call through Jio Landlines, customers will only have to pay Rs500 per month, which will be 1/5th to 1/10th of existing tariffs.


What are the Jio Fiber First Day First Show features?

As a part of this bundled offer, customers can watch movies at their homes on the same day the movie has been released. Reliance plans to roll out these benefits in mid-2020.

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