Jio Fiber Registration Online 2020 (Started) Here’s how to Appy for JioFiber Full Details

Jio Fiber Registration Online: Reliance Jio Giga Fiber broadband online Registration process has been started. The High-speed Jio GigaFiber broadband service will provide internet access with speeds up to 1GBPS to both home users and businesses, and users can choose to give their home and office address for the same. Invite your neighborhood for a new Jio Gigafiber connection in your area

Jio GigaFiber Launch expecting in this Month of August 2019 as per sources. People are eagerly waiting for many of the Jio Services and the Jio GigaFiber Is one of them. Reliance Jio GigaFiber already testing in Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi type of major cities. Jio GigaFiber registration will be launch from August 15th of all Members.

Jio GigaFiber registration online Started- Jio GigaFiber online booking Plans & price.

Reliance Infocomm chairman Mukesh Ambani Daughter Isha Ambani unveiled what could reform India sector.

Jio Fiber registration online

 Tending to at the Reliance Industries 42nd yearly broad meeting at Birla Matuhusri Sabhagar in Mumbai, She reported the launch of JioGiga Fiber, the optical fiber-based broadband service. The company plans to extend fiber connectivity to homes, merchants, small and medium enterprises and large enterprises simultaneously across 1100 cities. The Mukesh Ambani- led Reliance Jio claims the Jio GigaFiber is one of the most advanced fiber-based broadband connectivity solutions, and provides, speeds up to 1Gbps.


Reliance Jio Dth launch date, Jio DTH Plan and Welcome Offer. Reliance Jio Dth Registration

Interested buyers can register for the Jio GigaFiber Service from August 15 via My Jio Or The company will prioritize the rollout of Jio GigaFiber in localities based on the interest it has received form registrations. Jio Gigafiber will compete with leading broadband service providers, as well as satellite cable operators.


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What is Jio Fiber or JioGiga Fiber?

Well, we try to explain this to you as simple as we can. Have you heard about google fiber? Well,  if you did not then it is a Giga fiber service providing by google and the speed of the same is very high. Why? Because they are using the technology that Jio is going to implement in India. Which is a fiber-based wiring system?  Jio Gigafiber is the latest offering from Jio for your home. Jio offers a superior internet experience to explore your digital life.


It offer the ultimate broadband experience to surf, stream, game, and work. Jio GigaFiber has great plans to keep up heavy competition and heavily invests in broadband services, including Jio GigaFiber TV. It was reported that 250,000 crores were invested in state of the art mobile and broadband connectivity.

This is the most anticipated company in the broadband sector which always brings the cheapest offer for Jio customers. That’s why Reliance Jio has millions of customers in such kind of short duration.


Jio GigaFiber Registration Online: Jio GigaFIber Smart Home Features

Jio GigaFiber will provide “wall-to-wall speed WIFI coverage. For setting up the Jio GigaFiber Network, the company will install a Jio GigaFiber router at your home or office. The company says users will be able to stream 4K videos and play VR games on the network. It is not yet clear how many devices will be supported on the network at the same time.


Jio GigaFiber registration online


The Jio broadband network will also be at the heart of its small home suite which included accessories such as an audio dongle smart speaker, wifi extender, a smart plug, outdoor security camera, and TV camera, among others.

Users will be able to monitor and control their GigaFiber connected homes using a smartphone, including the temperature, lightning gas and water leakages. The company claims it will take just an hour to set up the smart home.

The Reliance Jio Fiber registration online: Why should you look forward to JioGigaFIber?

Being a high-speed broadband service based on a fiber-optic network, Jio GigaFiber will provide Speeds of 100 megaBytes per second ( Mbps ) and 100 GB of data for free. The company also plans to add telephony and television services in the next three months.

All three services will be offered at no additional cost for the first year. The speeds offered will be consistent and there won’t be any loss in the signal. Netflix has already said the JIo GigaFiber is the operator with the highest streaming speeds.


Jio Fiber Registration Online: What makes Jio Fiber Unique?


  • Enjoy high-speed internet: The Jio Fiber broadband service sounds good when it comes to the speed of the service. This is because it delivers up to 1 Gbps speed. On other network fiber, this can not be achieved by rendering up to 100 Mbps speed. Films will be downloaded within seconds with this service and buffer will never be a problem. 
  • Jio Giga TV:  Jio Giga TV has voice calling features on similar jio devices like phone, tablet, & other Jio TV set up box connections. It will also operate on voice commands.
  • Excellent Fiber Technology: Jio GigaFiber or broadband service based on fiber technology are beneficial to users. these services are a bundle with plans and ultra-fast internet speeds with the freebies. Users can enjoy browsing with less buffering through these services and enjoy fast downloading and ultra-reliable connectivity.
  • Connect multiple devices: Another advantage of this Jio GigaFiber service is users can connect multiple devices to the network and can enjoy high-speed internet on all their devices. Whatever is the number of devices, it can experience high- speed internet.


  • Hassle-free installation:  Once the user registered for Jio Fiber service, the Jio technical team help to install the router without any hassle. Users can get a hassle-free installation for these devices.
  • Free and unlimited offers: Reliance Jio is known for its unlimited and free offers. It is well known for its welcome offer which gives unlimited and free internet usages for about 90 days for the users. Also, it gives free voice calls to users for 90 days.


Also with these features, the following features make Jio Gigafiber broadband unique. High-speed internet, stream 4k content.

Still, confused?

Jio Fiber Registration Online

Here you can see the process of Jio GigaFiber Registration Booking process-

  • To register for Jio GigaFiber, go to the official Jio Website’s GigaFiber Page.
  • Here you will see the “Jio GigaFiber Invite Now” option there on the landing page.
  • Here, enter your address by pressing the Change button. After you enter your address and hit the Submit button, the screen will still show.
  • The default address. Nonetheless, select whether the address you have entered is your home or work office.
  • On the next page, enter your name and Phone Number, and hit the Generate OTP button.
  • Enter the OTP and select the type of locality( Society, Township.

 That’s it, you are done with Jio GigaFiber registrations and have expressed for interest in your area. You can also nominate other areas for the Jio broadband service, such as parents’ address and work address, etc. You do not need to pay any sum while registering.

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 Reliance Jio Fiber registration online: Jio GigaFiber  Plans

Jio Offering free Internet broadband connection for 3 Months with 100 Mbps speed and 100 Gb Monthly limit. Users need to pay anything for 3 months. But users have to pay refundable security deposit RS 45000 at the time of installation.


Jio  Gigafiber Broadband Plans & Prices-

The Jio GigaFiber plans will depend upon users’ requirements. All the plans and the latest offers on the JIo Giga Fiber is available on the official Website of My Jio or

SO if the customers want to have knowledge about the latest offers, they should visit the official website. In case previous plans are exhausted, users can also activate more data. Currently, the Jio Fiber plans are available as three types of plans such as.

  1. Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Speed-based plans.
  2. JioFiber Volume-based plans.
  3. Jio Giga Fiber Special broadband plans

Users can choose their needed Reliance Jio GigaFiber plan from these plans as per their choice.

Reliance Jio GigaFiber broadband speed-based monthly plans ( Leaked )


Jio Gigs Fiber Speed-based plans.

Jio GigaFiber Registration Online
Jio GigaFiber Registration Online


Reliance Jio has promised that its broadband service will offer a minimum of 1Mbps speed that will go up to 1Gbps. A recent survey report has already crowned Jio GigaFiber as  INDIA,s  No. 1 internet service provider in terms of speed. In February 2019, the Netflix ISP speed index report found that reliance Jio GigaFiber was running at a speed of 3.61 Mbps.


Following the list of the Jio GigaFiber plans and their expected prices.


Rs 50028 Days300 GB50 Mbps
Rs 75028 Days500 GB50 Mbps
Rs 99928 Days600 GB100 Mbps
Rs 129928 Days750 GB100 Mbps
Rs 150028 Days900 GB100 Mbps

  1. GigaFiber Rs 500 plan: this plan will over 300 GB of high-speed data for 1 month with a download speed of 50 Mbps.
  2. Indian,s Best GigaFiber Rs 750 plan:  this plan will offer 500GB of high-speed data for 1 month with a download speed of 50 Mbps.
  3. Reliance Jio Gigafiber Rs 999 plan: This Plan will offer 600 GB of high-speed data for 1 month with a download speed of 100 Mbps.
  4. Gigafiber Rs 1299 plan:  This plan will offer 750GB of high-speed data for 1 month with you downloaded speed of 100 Mbps.
  5. Ambani Company Reliance Jio Gigafiber Rs 1500 plan: This plan will offer 900GB AP High-speed data for 1 month with a download speed of 100 Mbps.

Jio Gigs Fiber Volume-Based Plans.

This is Jio GigaFIber broadband plans:  These plans are very useful for those who want to enjoy unlimited data and high-speed internet. This Plan is based on daily data use and ranges from 5GB to 60GB per day.

Also suitable if you want to enjoy broadband speed without any limit of the speed. This plan is based on the daily usages and it ranges from 5GB to 6GB Daily.


Jio Fiber Per Day Plans  Price of the PlanTotal Validity
5 GB Per day PlanRS 1000/-30 Days
10 GB Per day PlanRS 2000/-30 Days
20 GB Per day PlanRS 3000/-30 Days
40 GB Per day PlanRS 4000/-30 Days
60 GB Per day PlanRS 5500/-ays


Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Special broadband plans

  The third Plan that will be available for the reliance Customers is named as Jio GigaFIber special broadband plans. These plans are the special broadband plan is best for users who want to enjoy low rate internet.


Rs 50028 Days300 GB50 Mbps
Rs 100028 Days500 GB50 Mbps
Rs 50028 Days600 GB100 Mbps
Rs 50028 Days750 GB100 Mbps
Rs 80028 Days900 GB100 Mbps

Jio GigaFiber online booking: Registrations started on August 15th on the eve of Independence Day. People can buy Jio GigaFiber internet plans as per the released price in the Announcement. The above prices are just leaked that may confirm or not. Stay tuned here until august 15th, we will give you detailed information about how the Giga fiber router can book, recharge plans and delivery information, etc. If you have any doubts, you can ask in below comment section. Thank you.


Note– SO, If you have any query for the Jio GigaFiber Services in Mumbai, Then, just comment down below. Our support will surely reach to you.

Thank you 🙂

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