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Jio Fibre Registration Online. Jio Fibre Broadband Price in India. Jio Fibre Welcome Offer with Jio 4K Cable TV Complete Details are given below.


Reliance JioFibre broadband service is now officially available in India. It features high-speed internet over fiber networks with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps per second. Last month at Reliance Industries AGM Chairman and Managing Director Mrs. Mukesh Amabni made an announcement that the JioFiber welcome offer will come officially available from September 5. He also revealed a bunch of JioFiber introductory offers.


Jio Fibre Registration
Jio Fibre Registration


Jio’s set-top-box ad access to the best OTT ( Over the Top ) media services. The offer includes a free HD TV set or a free 4K TV along with a free 4K set-top box if you opt for an annual plan. The Jio Fibre Registration Welcome offer plan’s price starts from RS 699 and goes all the way up to RS 8499 for faster speeds. Here are eight of the biggest announcement surrounding JioFiber.

Jio Fiber Plan Overview
Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani has launched the Jio Fibre Registration Services commercially for its customers on 5th September 2019. Reliance Jio Company has come up with its commercial plans and offers on the third Anniversary of Jio,s launch.


Jio Fibre Registration All Plans And Offers


According to Reliance Jio, the Company will initially be offering a total of six prepaid plans, dubbed as Bronze ( Rs 699 per month) Silver ( 849 per month ) Gold ( Rs 1,99 per month ) Diamond ( Rs 2,499 per month), Platinum ( Rs 3,999 ) and Titanium ( Rs 8,499 per month ).


Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

The Jio Fibre Bronze and Silver plans will offer a data speed of 100Mbps, whereas the gold and Diamond plans will come with 250Mbps and 500Mbps internet speeds, respectively. Both Platinum and Titanium plans will provide 1Gbps data speed. Alongside these monthly plans, JiofIber will also provide long-term 3 months, 6 month, and 12 months, plans.


JioFiber Plan NamePriceSpeedData
BronzeRs 699100Mbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )
SilverRs 849100Mbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )
GoldRs 1249250Mbps ( Post FUP
DiamondRs 2,499500Mbps ( Post FUP
1Mbps )
PlatinumRs 3,9991Gbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )
Titanium8,4991Gbps ( post FUP
1Mbps )



Annual Subscriber will get Jio Home gateway ( Worth 5,000) + Jio 4K Set Top Box ( Worth 6,400) Absolutely Free.
When you take new Jio Fiber Connection then you have to Pay One Time Payment Rs 2500/- [ This is the Security Deposit ( Rs 1500 = Refundable ) + Installation Charge ( Rs 1,000 = Non- Refundable)]
TV Video Calling, Home Networking, Gaming & Device Security ( Norton) Services are free ( Worth Rs 3,300/-) & OTT Apps.



Jio Fibre Registration Plan Full Overview


Jio Fibre Registration Plan came with Min. Rs 699 Subscription plan. ( Its Called Jio Fibre Bronze Plan Offer ) will offer access to TV ( 600 Channel- With Gold Plan or Higher Plan ) TV Video Calling, Landline connection & min. 1000 Mbps or maximum 1 Gbps internet connection. It can be made available by paying Wi-Fi routers,s one- time deposit while paying no subscription amount until the offer has expired. It can connect 40-45 devices such as mobile phones, smart TV,s laptop, tablets, etc. In the Area o Internet speed, Jio Fibre achieves 3.61 Mbps Speed with no.1 Ranking. For More Updates Check Visit Again. Thanks


Reliance Jio Fiber लॉन्च, Rs 699/- प्लान से शुरू हुआ है, जाने क्या मिलेगा मुफ्त हमको


रिलायंस जिओ फाइबर आज लॉन्च हो गया है रिलायंस जिओ वेलकम ऑफर के 10 शुरुआत ग्राहकों को सालाना पैकेज लेने पर फ्री सेटअप बॉक्स और एलईडी टीवी देने का ऑफर कर रहा है जिओ फाइबर प्लान 699 से शुरू हुआ है रिलायंस जिओ करीब 16 सौ शहरों में अपनी यह सर्विस प्रोवाइड करेगा आज से 3 साल पहले देश में रिलायंस जिओ की शुरुआत की थी अभी से मिल रही है जियो का दावा है कि वह 100Mbps की सर्विस लेकर आएगा ।


Plan Highlights: India’s most active company in the broadband sector, Jio Fiber is now finally launched with its commercial offers ” Bronze Plan, Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Diamond Plan, Platinum Plan, Titanium Plan” on 5th September 2019.


Need to know all about Jio Fibre….

Jio Forever Bronze annual plan: The Bronze annual plan is prices RS 8,388 and offers 1200 GB and 100 MBPS. The customer would get a free Bluetooth speaker, Jio Home Gateway and a 4K set-up-box with the pack.
Jio Forever Silver annual plan: The Silver Annual Plan is priced at Rs 10188 and offers 2400GB at 100Mps.Customers could get a free Bluetooth speaker, Jio Home Gateway and a 4K set-top box with the pack.


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Jio GigaFiber in Kolkata (Registration) Plans, Offers, Customer Care, and FAQ

Jio Fiber in Delhi (Registration) Plans, Offers, Customer Care, and FAQ


Jio Forever Gold annual plan: The Gold Annual plan is priced at Rs 31,176 for two years. Users have to avail the plans for the two-year period. Users will get 12,000GB at 250Mbps. Customers would get a 24-inch TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.
Jio Forever Diamond annual plan: The Diamond Annual plan is priced at Rs 29,988 and offers 15,000GB at 500Mbps. Customers would get a 24-inch TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.
Jio Forever Platinum annual plan: The Platinum Annual plan is priced at Rs 47,988 and offers 30,000GB at 1Gbps. Customers would get a 32-inch 4K TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top-box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.
Jio Forever Titanium annual plan: The Titanium Annual plan is priced at Rs 1,01988 and offers 60,000GB at 1Gbps. Customers would get a 32-inch 4K TV, Jio Home gateway and a 4K set-top-box with leading OTT apps along with the pack.


For Selected 29 Cities for Jio Fibre Registration


With Jio Fibre Registration Welcome offer rolling out in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Banglore, Chennai, Ghaziabad, Kota, Solapur, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Agra, Meerut, Rajkot, Ranchi, Pune, Indore, Thane, Bhopal, Lucknow, Patna, Allahabad, Srinagar,and Chandigarh, might be having quite a few queries regarding the pricing, availability, registration, features, Jiofiber Welcome offer, etc. So, look no further as we have created a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Jio Fiber along with the answers.


Reliance Jio Fibre Registration Online

Here you can see the process of the Jio GigaFiber Registration Booking process.

  • To Jio Fibre Register, go to the official Jio Website’s Jio GigaFiber Page. Here you will see the “Jio GigaFiber Invite Now” option there on the landing page.
  • Here, enter your address by pressing the Change button. After you enter your address and hit the Submit button, the screen will still show.
  • The default address. Nonetheless, select whether the address you have entered is your home or work office.
  • On the next page, enter your name and Phone Number, and hit the Generate OTP button.

Enter the OTP and select the type of locality( Society, Township.)

That’s it, you are done with Jio Fibre registration and have expressed interest in your area. You can also nominate other areas for the Jio broadband service, such as parents’ address and work address, etc. You do not need to pay any sum while registering.


For Jio Fiber Registration Online- Click Here


Also, Check- Jio Fiber Dealership or Distributor Registration

Reliance Jio Fiber Online Registration Franchise and Dealership

Candidates interested in Jio Dealership will have to pay Rs 50,000/-Dealership Fee. At first. These dealers will have to show a month,s estimate revenue from sales of Rs 15 Lakh. You can register via RIL Jio,s Jio if you want Jio fiber Service. Website of.Com. Interested users will first have to subscribe to the service and they can select plans
based on their requirements. The people who are interested to take Jio fiber dealership or distributorship will have to fill an application form online in the given timeline.

Jio Fibre Registration
Jio Fibre Registration

Jio Fiber Frenchies and Dealership apply online form 2019-20

On the whole, this Jio Fiber Dealership is useful for customers who connect to the web using the 4G network. It opts for the user who wants to get a trouble-free, high-speed internet connection for a nominal rate. Jio,s entry into fiber Broadband is definitely helpful to all the people who want to open a Jio fiber franchise.

To get the Jio Fiber broadband Dealership and Frenchie service, you must need the following documents.

  • You need to keep two passport size photocopies for Jio Dealership.
  •  Voter ID or Aadhar Card color Xerox.
  •  Address proof of electricity bill or more.
  • Or Jio fiber registration online alternative you can do an E-KYC activation.

Comparison: Jio Fiber Service  v/s Other Fiber Service 

Reliance Jio Fiber v/s Competitors: After a seller run with its mobile Services, Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio looks primed to disturb the broadband market in India.

The biggest competitor of Jio Fibre in the market is Bharti Airtel with its Airtel-V- fiber broadband service that offers lightning-fast speeds of up to 100Mbps.In Delhi, Airtels Monthly plan starts from RS 799 with internet speeds. Of up to 40Mbps and 100GB broadband data.

The 100Mbps plan is priced at Rs 1099 per month with 300GB of broadband data. The company also has Ts 1599 and Rs 1999 plans with speeds up to 300Mbps and 100Mbps respectively. The RS 1999 plan does not come with a data limit.


Features of Jiofiber Service:

Jio Fiber will also provide TV services will could hart also TV Distributors such as cable and DTH. Reliance Jio DTH service is also known as Reliance Jio TV or Jio Home will provide households and businesses with ultra-high-speed fixed-line broadband services. Jio Fiber has a number of other features to offer not just speed and tariff.


Here we list Jio Fiber,s main features with an explanation.

With Jio Fiber Service RIL has also introduced one more media streaming device with smart technology. i.e Jio cable TV. It has more than 600 0lus channels voice control with a microphone-enabled remote video. Selling via set-top-box and many more features.


What makes Jio Fiber Unique?

  • Enjoy high-speed internet: The Jio Fiber broadband service sounds good when it comes to the speed of the service. This is because it delivers up to 1 Gbps speed. On other network fibers, this can not be achieved by rendering up to 100 Mbps speed. Films will be downloaded within seconds with this service and buffer will never be a problem.
  • Jio Giga TV Jio Giga TV has voice calling features on similar jio devices like phones, tablets, & other Jio TV set up box connections. It will also operate on voice commands.
  • Excellent Fiber Technology: Jio GigaFiber or broadband services based on fiber technology are beneficial to users. these services are a bundle with plans and ultra-fast internet speeds with the freebies. Users can enjoy browsing with less buffering through these services and enjoy fast downloading and ultra-reliable connectivity.
  • Connect multiple devices: Another advantage of this Jio GigaFiber service is users can connect multiple devices to the network and can enjoy high-speed internet on all their devices. Whatever is the number of devices, it can experience high-speed internet.
  • Hassle-free installation:  Once the user registered for the Jio Fibre Registration service, the Jio technical team help to install the router without any hassle. Users can get hassle-free installation for these devices.
  • Free and unlimited offers: Reliance Jio is known for its unlimited and free offers. It is well known for its welcome offer which gives unlimited and free internet usages for about 90 days for the users. Also, it gives free voice calls to users for 90 days.




Jio Cable TV

  1. With Jio Fibre services RIL also introduced one more media streaming device with smart technology i.e. Jio Cable TV. It has more than 600 Channels, Voice Control with a microphone enabled remote, video calling via set-top-box, and many more features
  2. Users can give voice Control commands like Jio Cable TV Set Top’s Amazon Firestick Box. These smart home solutions are attracting users with a high-speed internet television facility. Jio Cable TV has a bunch of exciting plans and offers. It will also available with Jio Fiber Plans. The Jio Cable TV offer for the set-top box is also disclosed in the AGM meeting.

Special Features: The detailing of surveillance cameras, connected speakers, TV smart plugs, thermostats & other Reliance smart appliances will disclose here. Get a description of Jio FIber Price from below.

Customer Care, Router Cities List, and FAQ

Jio Fibre Registration
Jio Fibre Registration



Jio Fiber Customer Care & Helpline


Reliance Jio is having Customer services for its subscribers or customers. If you have any queries regarding Jio then you call Reliance Jio Broadband Customer Care Number and you will get all the solutions which you want.

Their customer care executives are very supportive. Feel free to contact on Jio Website.

Reliance Jio Broadband Customer care number is given below. You can go directly with these mobile numbers & Email Ids.

Jio Broadband Customer Care Number- Toll-free Number Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio Broadband Customer Care NumbersCare
Jio Corporate Customers Helpline1800-890-9999
For Any Complains198
General Helpline Number199
Tele Verification Number for Data and Call Services1977
Tele Verification Number for Only Data Service1800-890-1977
LYF Customer care Toll-Free number1800-89-9999
Reliance Jio GigaFiber Toll-Free Numbers1800-896-9999


Jio Fiber Broadband Service Review

This broadband fiber service also gives other networks such as Airtel tough competition. Selected customers in Mumbai and Pune are currently using this service for network inspections. This service will soon be extended to all other cities and will be available to all users.

  • Fiber Rating From Mumbai- 8.9/10
  • Fiber Rating From Pune- 9.2/10

Jio Fiber Review by User 1: I use the Jio Fiber Service for 1 Month and Finally I think to remove Airtel for my all offices and waiting for Jio Fiber Broadband Services in Other Cities. Thanks, Jio for Awesome Service.

If You Want to Submit Your Review then Comment Below.

Reliance Jio Fiber FAQ: Your Questions About Jio Broadband Service Answered

Reliance Jio Fibre Registration and More frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How many connections can I get for a single household? is there a limit?

A Jio customer service executive told us that is no clarity on the matter right now. If you need a second connection at your home, you can request for the same. Only after this step will the company will make a decision.


Which Wi-Fi frequencies does the Jio GigaHub support? 5Ghz or 2.4GHz?

Jio’s GigaHub Home Gateway comes with support for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequencies can select for both 5GHz, since it is faster unless you are looking for wider coverage.


What is Jio Fiber?

Jio fiber is a high-speed internet that employs fiber optic cable technology provided by Reliance industries Telecom are is based on fiber optic cables is more reliable than copper which is capable of current data across a greater distance without losing speed.


What’s the difference between fiber optic internet vs regular ADSL broadband?

The additional broadband moves data over the copper wire which loses out packets over a greater distance the fiber optic as the name suggests plastic ka glass cables which offer faster data transfer speeds.


What is Jio GigaFiber?

Initially, Jio Fibre was supposed to call Jio Fibre as the company is promising speeds up to 1 Gbps. this is where is otherwise called gigabit internet and hence the Monikar Jio GigaFiber.


What are the benefits of jio Fibre?

Here are the benefits of Jio Fibre are given below.

  • High-speed internet with speeds up to 1Gbps
  • Free HD voice call to anyone anywhere in India using Jio call on smartphones home phone landline Service.
  • Free video conferencing to anyone anywhere in the world from supported television sets or Jio call apps on your smartphone
  • 4K UHD content and giving via Jio setup box
  • Norton antivirus for up to five devices
  • welcome offer comprising of Jio home gateway broadband router setup box and entertainment content apps like Jio 4KTV and Jio Cinema for free.
  • Jio will also be rolling out its additional UHD content streaming interactive gaming Services smart home solution and more.
  • Jio Fiber Platinum and Titanium plan users can avail Jio VR platform Jio First Day First Show movies service special sports content as well.

What is Jio Fibe welcome offer?

As a part of Jio Fibre welcome offer, if you go for their plans, you get-

Jio Home Gateway (broadband router) and Jio 4K Set Top Box

Jio Cinema Jio Saavn and other entertainment OTT apps for subscription validity depend on the type of play you have opted as bifurcated below.

Then with the Jio, Forever plans you get different freebies like Bluetooth speakers HD TV etc 2 months of additional service and double data. (This is again subject to the kind of plant you have opted)

For more details refer to the table below-

*Prices shown are excluding GST

What is Jio Forever plan how much does the jio Fiber Welcome Annual plan cost?

Jio prefers to call its annual subscription package as Jio Forever Plan. Correctly, its monthly plans start at Rs 699 a month and we’ll go all the way up to 8,499 a month (including GST). Doing simple maths, The Jio Forever plan should range from Rs 8,513 to Rs 1,20,000 for a yearly subscription. (inclusive of GST).


Jio Fiber Registration 


Is there any throttling with jio Fibre Broadband Space?

    • Yes, Jio has mentioned of FUP (Fair Usages Policy) data caps on its plans as mentioned below-
    • Jio Fibre Bronze and Silver plans will offera  speed of 100 Mbps.
    • The Speed of Jio Fiber Gold and Diamond plans will peak at 250 Mbps and 500 Mbps respectively.
    • Lastly, Platinum and Titanium plans will speed up to 1Gbps.


What is the Jio home phone or your fits voice?

Jio Home Phone or Jio Fix Voice is the name of Jio Landline service, which is free with the Jio Fibre. Interestingly, the voice-calls across the board to any operators ( fixed our mobile) would be free. Reliance claims the ISD calling tariff would be 1/5th to 1/10th of industry rates. Further, there is an unlimited USD/Canada pack at Rs500 per month.


What are the features of Jio Fiber bundled Set-Top-Box ( STB )?

You get to enjoy-

  • Hybrid reality gaming, 4K UHD TV shows, Movies, and OTT content.
  • Video- Conferencing service on TV sets by attaching a camera to the STB.

Are Netflix and Amazon Prime included in OTT content from JioFiber STB?

The company hasn’t revealed whether Netflix and Amazon Prime will be part of the “OTT Content” being mentioned in the JioFiber service.


Is there an installation charge for the JioFiber connection?

Yes, you have to pay a one-time installation charge of Rs 2,500, out of which Rs 1,500 will be refundable security deposit for the Jio router while the remaining Rs 1,00 will be non-refundable.


What about the validity of the Jio Preview Offer?

Existing Jio Preview offer users would be intimated about the migration to paid plans as the commercial rollout is in progress. They will be individually notified and until then, they can continue using the current plan.

However, when they move to the new plan, they will be charged a refundable security deposit of either Rs, 4,500 or 2,500 based on the router issued to them.


What if I have consumed my monthly Jio Fiber data Plan? Will the speed be reduced.

Jio FIber base plan starts at 100Mbps speed for Rs 700. Currently, under the Preview Offer, users are provided with 100GB of data at 100Mbps. Upon consumption of the monthly quota, users can recharge their Jio FIber Data plan with a booster pack that offers 40GB additional data.


Can I recharge my monthly Jio Fiber data plan twice a month?

Beta testing can recharge their Jio FIber monthly data plan only once. After the 100GB quota is exhausted, these beta users can recharge their connection with a 40GB booster pack that can be recharged multiple times, depending upon consumption.


I am a Jio Fiber preview user. Will I have to set up a new connection after the commercial rollout?

No. Existing Jio Fiber preview customers do need to request a new broadband connection.


Do existing Jio Fiber preview users need to pay the deposit again?

Existing Jio Fiber users asked to pay Rs 4,500 as a security deposit while setting up the connection. These existing users do not need to pay any kind of deposit again. Users would only need to pay additional data plan charges starting September 5.


Where can I choose my Jio Fiber connection or recharge my data plan?

Customers can recharge their Jio FIber connection on the JIo Fiber website or the MyJio App.


Will Jio provide a router as part of the package?

Customers are required to pay an upfront amount if Rs 2,500 as a security deposit for Jio. The package would only include the router. users need to pay additional for a data plan as required.


Will I be able to use Wi-FI with Jio FIber?

Yes, Jio Fiber router supports Wi-Fi.


Will calling be free on the Jio Fiber landline?

Yes. At the RIL AGM, Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani revealed that customers would only pay for the data, and calling would be completely free from home to any Indian mobile or fixed-line operator. For international voice call through Jio Landlines, customers will only have to pay Rs500 per month, which will be 1/5th to 1/10th of existing tariffs.


What are the Jio Fiber First Day First Show features?

As a part of this bundled offer, customers can watch movies at their homes on the same day the movie has been released. Reliance plans to roll out these benefits in mid-2020.

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