How to set Jio Caller Tune in Jio Saavan App free. A Full Guide.

Jio Caller Tune– Check this step by step Guide 2019- If you have been using this Saavan app for a while, it must be clear to you in your mind that this is obviously is a good competition for which is Indian Commercial Music streaming service that received 740 crore funding from the Multinational conglomerate company – Tencent.

How to Set Jio Caller Tune in JioSaavan- Check This Step By Step Guide ( 2019 )
How to Set Jio Caller Tune in JioSaavan- Check This Step By Step Guide ( 2019 )

For all the Jio Saavan users, we have for the latest and trending topic on ALLTECHBUZZ that is – How to Set Jio Caller Tune in JioSaavan– Check This Step By Step Guide ( 2019 ). All though there are other methods as well to set Jio Caller Tune for example- Calling and SMS ( Short Message Service. )

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How to Set Jio Caller Tune in Jio Saavan- Check This Step By Step Guide ( 2019 )


Step 1: First of all, Open your Google Play Store  Application on Smartphone.

Step 2: Then Search in the top bar for Jio Saavan Music and Radio.

Step 3: Now click on the download button and after the downloading make sure to install the application.

Step 4: Now after the Jio Saavan app is successfully installed, Please make sure to click on “Open” button.

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Step 5: And, with this also don’t forget to keep your Data connection on, because of JioSaavan is an online application like the Gaana app and not offline.

Step6: Next with the opening of the app, it will ask for your regional languages, you can choose to depend on your comfortability the best of Hindi, English, Telugu, Punjabi and Tamil etc.

Step 7: Next this Jio Saavan App will ask you to verify your Jio Mobile number just by messaging the Verification of code, make sure to go for this step.

Step 8: Now in the Top Right corner, there is a search option.

Step 9: Over there just search for your favorite song and play it. Favorite song in the sense that the song that you want to set caller tune as.

Step 10: Rarest of the rare, very few songs will be eligible for Jio Caller Tune Service

Step 12: As soon as, you have played the song, you will find in the middle of the screen ” Set Jio Tune ” button.

Now as soon as you have clicked on that Set Jio Tune button, that particular song will become your next Jio Caller Tune or Hello Tune.

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This is OKAY! But if the song is not eligible to be set as the Jio Caller Tune using the Jio Saavan App. Here’s another step by the step guide for the same. Please readout of the steps given next.

Jio Free Calling Service 

Nowadays, Jio is the largest service provider in India and they provide fast 4G LTE technology as well as unlimited free calling service in few previous days, JIo users have been changing their Hello tunes or caller tunes with the help of Jio Music Application,but this month 4th December 2018 onwards, a new application is updated in my Jio store for the listening to music.

Jio, being the largest mobile operator in Nation, is covering the headlines these days for various news such as- “Reliance Jio to the hive off fiber, towers into separate units” and ” Jio to become number 1 telecom operator by 2021: Bernstein Report” and ” Reliance Jio could become India,s leading telco by 2021: Analysts” and “Open letter to Airtel, Vodaphone and others: Hello, Can you hear us and fix your dam network” and “Samsung in mobility, Reliance Jio among top 10 brands in Asia, Survey” and ” Airtel, Vodafone, Idea lack the ‘ Stomach ‘ to take on Mukesh Ambani: Bernstein”

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How to  Change  Jio Caller Tune in Jio SIM 

After using this Jio feature, some people want to try different tunes and he wanted to change the Jio caller tune through the app. So today we will discuss the best method, where you can do change or Deactivate you, Caller Tune. 
Let’s begin.

Compulsory Requirements: Working Jio SIM 

Method 01: Using My Jio  

  1. Open My Jio App 
  2. Select ‘Jio Tunes’ Option from the Menu
  3. Head to ‘My Subscriptions Page’ and tap on ‘Deactivate Jio Tune’ at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap on ‘Yes’ on the confirmation page. 


Jio Caller Tune


2nd Method- Using My Jio App 

  1. Open My Jio App on your smartphone 
  2. Make sure the Jio Number is selected as the primary number now for the app, 
  3. Now, tap on the three-dots from the top left corner
  4. Choose the option, Jio Tune 
  5. Head to the ‘Songs,’ tab

Here you search for the desired song you want as the Jio Tune Tap on Set as JioTune to Activate or change the existing time.

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