What is Jio Mart? How to Register and Get Rs 3000 Worth Benefits-Case Study.

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Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has finally entered the E-commerce market with the launch of Jio Mart. The Jio Mart app and website will have groceries and many other household items for customers to buy and it will be delivered to the doorstep without any extra charges. , Reliance Jio Mart is currently available in Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan area but soon it will start service in other parts of the country. The company is targeted to connect 3 crores, offline retailers, with over 20 crore customers in India.

Here is everything about the Reliance e-Commerce venture Jio Mart.

What is Jio Mart

Reliance Jio Mart is an online grocery delivery service and managed by Reliance Jio. The app will soon be available for customers to buy groceries and other essentials of the house. , according to the reports, the Jio Mart  Kirana app will connect offline retailers to online customers. Candidates can able to check to download the app and go directly Jio Marte E-Commerce portal and registered for franchises through the direct link www.jio.com/jiomart

Jio is Referring to Jio Mart as “Desh Ki Nayi Dukaan”


Reliance this service will works online to offline (O2O) business model which means the customers can buy the products directly through the app from nearby sellers it’s a Commerce platform that will provide package consumer goods and kitchen supplies.

This is a great platform for offline sellers to list their products on the Jio whats and connects with a wide range of online customers.

Mukesh Ambani Dreams
Ambani had dreams to start their own eCommerce business and now the step towards this has been already executed with jio Mart and online grocery platform but soon many more products will be available from across categories.


Benefits of Jio Mart

  • Free home delivery on no minimum order value
  • 50,000+ grocery products will be available on JioMart.
  • No minimum order value
  • No question asked return process
  • Express Delivery
  • Buy online or offline

In the Initial stage, Jio Mart wheelhouse products like daily step by staples, soaps,  shampoos,  and other household items will give competition to players like Amazon and Grofers.


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How to Download Jio Mart Android App?

Reliance Jio has launched a dedicated app for Android users. The app is now available currently in the Google Play Store. Interested people can sideload the app by downloading it from the link given below.

As I said, the Jio Mart service is currently available in selected locations around Mumbai like Kalyan and Navi Mumbai.


Download Jio Mart 


How to Register for Jio Mart and Avail Rs 3000 Worth Benefits?

Reliance Industries’ new service has made things so sample for both retailers and Consumers by launching a dedicated app and a web portal. Jio Mart will be available for download for both Android and iOS devices soon. For now, as the service is available only in Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan uses of those areas can visit www.jio.com/jiomart  and pre-register to get Rs 3,000 worth of benefits at the time of launch.  Users are required to give these things for registration.


What is Jio Mart


How to Pre-register for JioMart?

  • Visit JioMart Official Website here 
  • Fill in all the details asked: Fill in Your First Name & Last Name, Your area Pincode, your Mobile no. As well as your Email ID
  • Then click on Generate OTP
  • You will receive OTP on the mobile no you have Submitted
  • Enter OTP and you will see a popup saying Thank You for your interest in JioMart”
  • You have successfully registered for Jio Mart.

JIo mart registration


How To Order On Reliance JioMart Via WhatsApp

  1. Create the JioMart contact on your smartphone ( +91 8850008000)
  2. Now open WhatsApp- Search for the new contact- Drop a “Hi” on the same number



3. You will get a message with the ordering link, tap the link


4. A page will open where you have to fill in your phone number, name, and full address. Now, tap the “Proceed” button


5. Now, select the items that you need and tap the ‘Place Order’ button


6. Once the order is placed, you will get  a new message on WhatsApp with a PDF containing order  details


7. In this message will also include the address and the phone number if the shop that has received your order.

8. Once you get the confirmation message that the order has been packed, you can pick it up and pay the shopkeeper.

Special Note: Digital payments are unavailable at the moment. Also, the service is only available to people living in Kalyan, Thane, and Navi Mumbai.

Facebook on the instant messaging platform has a total user base of 400 million users in India, and Jio has a user base of 385 million in India. As we can see, their partnership is a benefit for both parties.

If Jio,s online ordering system runs well and successfully attracts large masses in the available areas, the company will look forward to launching the service all over India.


FAQs On JioMart- Grocery Delivery Service of Reliance Jio

What is Jio Mart?
Jio Mart is a grocery delivery service launch by Reliance jio, and it will connect local Kirana shops to the local buyers, users will able to order more than 50000 grocery products on jio Marte using apps or web portal, grocery will be provided by local shops and jio will deliver it to buyers doorstep.


What is the website of Jio Mart?

Website of JioMart is https://www.jio.com/jiomart


What are the benefits of Jio Mart?

Benefits of JioMart are listed before

Free home delivery on no minimum order value

No questions asked return process

Express delivery promise

50,000+ Products will be available on JioMart



Can Rekiance Jio new Shop disrupt the e-commerce industry?

For Now, Jio Mart just a grocery delivery platform and it’s a very niche product and Jio Mart is currently operating as just selected to pin codes they definitely beat E-Commerce giants Amazon Flipkart and Flipkart with just grocery delivery service. But they will directly compete with BigBasket groups and Amazon now.

Is selling in JioMart profitable for new online sellers?

Local Kirana Stores can definitely try listing their products on jio Mart and see how it goes.


What are the product available on this store?

For now, jio will be selling only approx 50,000/- products via jio Mart. And the product will be my mainly from Dairy, kitchen, Essentials and daily Essentials like shampoo, soaps, Aata Sugar milk….. etc.


What is the business model of this?

This is an online grocery delivery platform just like BigBasket grofers and Amazon now. Customers will be able to order groceries from local retail shops using jio mart on the web and as well as an android and IOS apps. So yes sure Mart doing work for connecting local buyer’s to local sellers just like any E-Commerce platform. Reliance will not maintain any warehouse they will directly connect local Kirana shops to buy shares and will charge Commission for that their main revenue will be delivery charges and commission.


How to Pre-register for JioMart?

  • Visit JioMart Official Website here 
  • Fill all the details asked: Fill Your First Name & Last Name, Your area Pincode, your Mobile no. As well as you Email ID
  • Then click on Generate OTP
  • You will receive OTP on the mobile no you have Submitted
  • Enter OTP and you will see a popup saying Thank You for your interest in JioMart”
  • You have successfully registered for Jio Mart.

JIo mart registration


What are the documents required to register as a seller on this ?

For register as a seller on jio Mart the following documents are required

  1. GST registration certificate
  2. PAN card
  3. Aadhar Card
  4. Bank account details

If you are selling branded or non branded products need some documents like brand authorisation brand registration for branded products


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